I’M CHANGE. PUSH joined the Global #ClimateStrike with a rallying cry for action.

By Erminio Putignano / 25 September 2019

First things first: the climate crisis is the defining issue of our age and a source of deep concern for the members of our team. On Friday 20 September we closed our office and joined the Global #ClimateStrike in the streets of Melbourne together with over 100,000 people. Some of us came with our partners and children – we are in this together as one big family.

We threw our support behind the thousands of young students with an idea, I’M CHANGE, a rallying cry for everyone to show up to demand climate change action now.

It was just a little initiative among an ocean of flags, but it mattered a lot to us. Our banners, badges and t-shirts were a conversation starter bringing people together, and a statement of hope displayed proudly by many kids and adults alike.

Why not take I’M CHANGE to the next level? We’re looking for NGOs to partner with to give the idea a bigger platform and a broader reach. Spread the word, give us a call. We’re ready!

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