I'm showing up.

Video credits: Creative Direction: PUSH Collective | Motion Design: Grubervision

Climate change is, quite simply, the defining issue of our time.

Since Greta Thunberg first protested outside the Swedish Parliament in August 2018, students around the globe have been striking to demand action against climate change. In Australia their demands have been ignored by the government and by many of the ‘grown-ups’.

To show our solidarity with young Australians, in the week leading up to the 2019 Global Climate Strike, we came together as a team to ideate a campaign that could act as a rallying cry for everyone; regardless of age, politics, religion, culture, health or Chinese horoscope; to just show up.

With just a few days from ideation to implementation, our rallying cry was immediate and unadorned. Black and white against a neon green, it is set in the functional typeface Aktifo, with the deliberate choice of the more distinctive default apostrophe.

I'M CHANGE became a symbol of personal empowerment and unity across generational divides. We posted on social. We put up street posters. We wore T-shirts and carried banners. And our badge giveaways were so popular we ended up giving away our own. For those we could, we personalised the message, heightening their sense of engagement, ownership and ultimately responsibility.

Amidst the sea of protesters, I’M CHANGE was a message that refused to be ignored. It generated energy. It started conversations. And importantly, it represented a tiny piece of hope.

On Friday 20 September 2019 over 100,000 people from all walks of life took to the streets of Melbourne to demand action. It is not yet enough. But we believe there will come a tipping point where the sheer weight of public opinion, visible in the streets from Adelaide to Alice Springs, will be the catalyst for government action. We are a people whose numbers are growing stronger, whose voice is getting louder, and who will continue to show up.

Because I’M CHANGE.

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