PUSH joins international jury for inaugural Best Brand Awards

15 October 2013

Ken Shadbolt, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of PUSH, has been invited to join an international panel of jurors to determine the winners of the inaugural Best Brand Awards.

These new awards have been founded with the aim of recognising high quality brand design, and to acknowledge excellence in visual communication internationally. Valuation criteria will include an assessment of visual originality, and consistency with brief objectives.

The BBA will award gold medals in two global categories and six geographical ones. The global categories are: the Best Brand of the World, and the Best Brand Designer in the World. In the geographical categories (Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia, Latin America, North America and Canada, Oceania) only the brand with the best score in each zone will be awarded.

Beyond becoming a reference within visual communication awards worldwide, BBA plans to become a showcase that will highlight past, present and new trends around the world.

Entries will be open until 10 November 2013.

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