PUSH strikes gold for its own website

15 July 2020

The new has won gold at the 2020 Melbourne Design Awards. The awards are part of the international DRIVENxDESIGN Award Programs, which celebrate the ‘courage, diversity and excellence of the commissioners and creators of design projects’.

Our new site, the third iteration of our online presence, is the result of close collaborations with our friends at digital design studio MASS, music production house Samplify, and photographer Cameron Grayson.

We approached the redesign as an opportunity to better distil our philosophy and showcase our growing team, network of collaborators and portfolio of projects. We established the content strategy and evolved our visual, verbal and sound identity – it’s what we do, after all – and that work formed the basis of our brief to MASS.

"Our aim was to create a site that gives visitors the option of going straight to well-structured content or wandering freely through an immersive space. Our office is a former art gallery and we wanted to impart the sense of being in a gallery environment – provoking, inspiring and allowing visitors to drop in on interesting conversations."

Erminio Putignano

The PUSH and MASS teams met regularly for co-creation and review sessions. Through an agile process, we developed the overarching design concept together and collaborated right through to implementation and UX testing. In lockstep, Samplify were designing new sounds that could be laid over the emerging site, punctuating the UX to make it more immersive and distinctive.

"Helping to communicate and do justice to the work that goes into a PUSH branding project was part of the design challenge for MASS. We designed a range of flexible image/video containers that can be ordered in a multitude of arrangements on each case study page. Site visitors are encouraged to explore and discover. From the homepage, you can scroll from the hero content into a curated set of tiles, which push you to various parts of the site."

MASS, submission to the Melbourne Design Awards

Towards the end of the project, we brought in fashion photographer Cameron Grayson and his crew to shoot our team. Not only are the results being used on our site and socials, but rumour has it, some of our single staff members have been using their photos to lure lovers on dating apps. The investment was truly worth it…

The site went live in July 2019, thanks in particular to the dedication and attention to detail of our senior designer Patrice Liem and account manager Nicole Tam. Since then, it’s driven enquiries from prospective clients and staff, and our total number of page views per session and unique visitors have increased by over 50%. Being also recognised by the design community for our courage – a trait we value highly – is the cherry on top.

Check out the full Melbourne Design Awards submission for here.

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