Macquarie University appoints PUSH to evolve its brand strategy and identity

02 December 2013

Macquarie University in Sydney has selected PUSH to evolve its brand strategy and identity across its portfolio.

The appointment comes at a very important time in the history of the university. Professor S Bruce Dowton joined as Vice Chancellor last year and has recently released a strategic framework outlining the vision for the university as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

"Given the complexity of the Macquarie University brand, the number of controlled and affiliated entities, faculties, research centres, and commercial organisations that sit under the Macquarie umbrella, its is vital that we achieve a robust and clearly mapped brand structure," a statement from the university explains.

The appointment of PUSH is the result of a competitive pitch. "We selected PUSH because they were clearly the right agency for us. They have a very clear, logical and proven methodology for developing brand strategy and brand architecture, and they have deep experience in the higher education sector," says Kathy Vozella, Director of Marketing at Macquarie University.

"How universities build their brands is evolving radically as they realise it’s no longer just an advertising exercise aimed at students but a whole-of-enterprise effort. And these education institutions are high profile, international brands, that represent Australia’s largest services export."

Erminio Putignano, co-founder of PUSH

"Macquarie is a young university coming of age," says Mr Putignano. "Over the years it has established significant areas of excellence in teaching and research and introduced a series of Australia-firsts with the establishment of its new hospital and the Australian Hearing Hub. We look forward to helping its brand grow in clarity, breadth and ambition as it reaches the highly symbolic 50th anniversary."

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