Ridley, Australia’s leading producer of animal nutrition solutions, appoints PUSH to evolve its brand strategy

23 September 2013

Agriculture and farming have been at the heart of Australia’s economy from the very beginning of European settlement and are forecast to drive significant growth in years to come.

Experts talk today of an upcoming soft commodities boom linked to the growing demand for calories and protein in Asia. But seizing the opportunities at hand won’t be simple – it requires a significant improvement in the productivity of Australia’s agribusinesses and more sophistication in all facets of their operations.

Within this context, Ridley, the country’s largest manufacturer of stock feed and a key partner of Australian farmers, is pursuing an ambitious evolution of its brand and marketing strategies and has appointed PUSH.

"We are delighted to be working with the team at PUSH. Having worked with a number of the team previously, we knew that we wanted them to guide us through the challenge at Ridley."

Alex McCall, Group marketing manager of Ridley

“We are coming into a period of high competition and relatively stable raw ingredient pricing, which means it is more important than ever to agree on our long-term brand strategy as a company. We needed to engage a brand consultancy who could both stimulate the CEO and senior executives as well as ensure customer facing and office staff were included and consulted,” continues McCall. “A project like this touches every part of the business and requires a shift in every employee’s thinking. We will see a much stronger and more customer focussed company brought together by a single brand vision and strategy. We’re looking forward to it!"

Erminio Putignano, co-founder of PUSH, says: "We are honoured to have been chosen by Ridley to be a partner in this important stage of the company’s journey. We look forward to helping its corporate brand live to its full potential and establish a new cohesion across its many sub-brands and product lines."

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