An independent theatre that gives voice to stories seldom told

Antipodes Theatre Company is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne. It produces enlightening work that enables audiences to step into someone else’s shoes. Its progressive agenda is reflected in its commitment to have at least half of all roles – on stage and off – performed by women, ethnically diverse artists, people with disability, trans and non-binary people and other members of marginalised communities who are not well represented on stage.

In preparation for the 2022 season, Antipodes needed a new brand identity to drive engagement around its multi-faceted program, from full-length plays to musicals, cabarets and professional development workshops. It wanted to challenge audiences to step outside their comfort zone and into performance spaces.

The new brand identity designed by PUSH embodies the idea of transformative human stories. It confronts audiences with potent, uncomfortable scenarios to expand their perspectives, spark empathy and create deeper human connections.

The wordmark splits into two arrows – opposing instances that can find common ground. The imagery gives subjects an unashamedly honest voice. The headline treatment uses variable font widths to express evolving viewpoints and diversity. Impact is enhanced by a vibrant orange and a thought-provoking tone of voice. The brand comes alive through experiences that grab and push audiences to think and engage in whole new ways.

“I am especially proud of how the people at PUSH listened to and expanded on our desire to prioritise engagement with our audiences. They have captured the experiential nature of our shows and we have seen more community engagement as a result. Our artists and audiences feel like they have a home with us that is united in its intent to be actively welcoming. I look forward to the adaptability of what PUSH has created, and to the potential for how this design will grow with us and our organisation.”

Brandon Pape
Artistic Director
Antipodes Theatre Company

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
“One of the most emotionally resonant, vital and joyful theatrical and musical experiences in years”

Darby Turnbull
Theatre People

“Inspired… The golden age of queer Ball subculture collides with ancient Greek tragedy in this powerful work.”

Cameron Woodhead
The Age

The new identity has boosted the company’s salience and brought cohesion across an ever-expanding portfolio of initiatives.

Since its launch and halfway through the 2022 season, the brand identity designed by PUSH has provided the platform for three new theatre productions, increased followers exponentially, helped give a new ‘home’ to over 200 artists and volunteers and helped sell 4,500 tickets – and has inspired much-needed debates on how to overcome prejudices and forge deeper understanding among people.

Photography credits: Natalie Finney

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